Over Tales

Over Tales

Illustrations: Petr Nikl
Edition: Blue Elephant
Format: 235 x 290 mm
Number of pages: 128
Binding: V8
ISBN: 978-80-86283-86-9
Price: 498 Kč 448 Kč

Linguistic Tales (2006, Golden Ribbon IBBY, The 2nd Most Beautiful Czech Book), Fury tales (2007, Magnesia Litera Prize — The Book of the Year, Golden Ribbon IBBY, The Most Beautiful Czech Book) and recently Over Tales. "The Tales triad" by popular Czech visual artist and dramatist Petr Nikl, which he has not only written, but also illustrated.

Fictional animals and creatures. Hereto unknown forms of beings and words. Nonsensical somersaults, fanciful situations, tiny episodes and sometimes not even that. Moreover, a sea of mysteries and theories.
If all of this seems more than familiar to you from Nikl's earlier work, be warned that subjects even more breakneck and leaps even more playful await in Nikl's Over Tales. After all, why would otherwise the book be named OVER Tales?
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