The House of Mice: Sam and Julie

The House of Mice: Sam and Julie

Illustrations: Karina Schaapman
Year: 2016
Translator: Lenka Sovová
Format: 260 x 302 mm
Number of pages: 60
Binding: V8
ISBN: 978-80-87596-94-4
Price: 398 Kč 358 Kč

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Sam and Julie live in the House of Mice, which is a world of its own. Julie lives in the back on the sixth floor and shares a tiny room with her mum. She has got no dad, siblings, grandma or grandpa. But she is EXTREMELY curious and TERRIBLY stubborn. She hates idling around, so as soon as she is bored she dashes out of the house to seek adventure with her friend Sam. Sam, on the contrary, lives in the front middle flat of the House of Mice together with his mum, dad, brothers and sisters, not to mention two grandfathers, two grandmothers, aunts and an uncle. Sam is EXTREMELY shy and TERRIBLY obedient. When he is with Julie, he does things he would never dare to do. Sam has hot plenty of what Julie lacks and the other way round. These two share everything and are best friends.


The project invented by Karina Schaapman was originally intended as a decoration for a children’s book. It is made of hyped-up cardboard boxes. Karina used authentic fabrics from 1950s, 1960s and 1970s as well as various types of waste materials to create the interior facilities. The House of Mice has got front, side and back sections and there are over a hundred rooms, including plenty of corridors and outside areas. The mice which live in it were also designed and made by Karina. During the construction and room designing she spontaneously started writing stories for the book with Sam and Julie as protagonists. Knitted mice can be purchased in bookshops too. Due to the immense international success of Sam and Julie’s stories new sequels have been published in the Netherlands. They will be in Czech distribution at Christmas 2016 and in spring 2017. The book is exclusively distributed by Kosmas.       

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Dům myšek: Sam a JulieDům myšek: Sam a JulieDům myšek: Sam a Julie